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C15 Health Europa Journal Article on Quality for EU Medical Cannabis Producers

Regulators tend to draw on precedents from the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods (CPG), food, beverages and even natural health products for legislation. Cannabis OneFive, Inc. (C15) is a technology partner for Veeva Systems, Inc. (Veeva). C15 brings the Veeva regulatory and risk compliance platforms from the same sectors the cannabis regulators use for precedents.


C15 Open Letter to Cannabis Sector Executives and Boards of Directors on Risk

Compliance risk is all about one overarching compliance principle: control over production operations. Lack of control can cost people their careers, millions of dollars in value erosion and even loss of license. Recent and past events have firmly put a spotlight on the risk of non-compliance.


The Cannabis OneFive Solution

C15/Whitesheep White Paper on GMP in Cannabis Sector (Scott Samuel and Hamish Sutherland)

As the cannabis industry evolves, so too does the regulatory framework that it is built upon. As global export markets open up along with the much-anticipated edibles/beverages market, GMP compliance becomes table stakes.
This White Paper sets out to establish what Good Manufacturing Practices are and how they apply to cannabis specifically.


Veeva’s Corner

Cannabis OneFive

Veeva QualityOne Gains Momentum With Leading Chemical & Cosmetics Companies

Veeva Systems is a provider of quality and regulatory cloud software for the consumer goods, cosmetics, chemical and life sciences industry gaining momentum with the top companies! As an essential part of a company’s strategy, Veeva differentiates itself by bringing quality.


Quality Management and Document Control

180+ of Companies Adopt Veeva Vault Quality to Modernize Quality Processes

Modernizing quality management is becoming a top priority among leading life sciences companies. With this shift underway, an increasing number of organizations are unifying quality processes with Veeva Vault Quality applications from Veeva Systems (NYSE:VEEV).


Fortune 100

Veeva Systems amongst Fortune’s 2018 Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies!

We’re proud to announce our technology partner, Veeva Systems, has been named the 18th fastest growing company on Fortune’s 2018 Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list. With exponential growth Veeva Systems’ potential is unlimited.